Aims –

Subjects-  Qualified Ph.D. Candidates must attend 2 years M.Phil. courses (as a Ph.D. Course Work). Subjects are as follows;

  1. Sila (Morality)
  2. Samādhi (Concentration
  3. Paññā (Wisdom)
  4. Religions and Peace
  5. Source Studies
  6. English
  7. International Relations(IR)

Requirements – Applicants applying for Ph.D. Programmes Specialized in Buddhism and Peace must submit the following documents:

  1. A certified copy of Master’s Degree, specified field of study.
  2. Copies of all relevant diplomas and certificates about Buddhism.
  3. Official transcripts including explanations of the mark schemes used. (if possible)
  4. A copy of the identity card.
  5. A copy of the passport.
  6. Application form.

Period –  After the topical exam, public seminar has to be presented for twice. Dissertation has to be ended during maximum  2 years to a minimum 3.5 years (extension 1 year can be requested). Candidates must attend in preliminary courses for 6 months and M.Phi. course for 2 years. Then, Ph.D. dissertation can be started.

Student Service – (Accommodation, food, Transportation & Visa)

Fees –

Application Form – Download Here