Myanmar New Year’s greeting of Ven. Dr Jotika

I would like to first say that the Myanmar New Year greeting on 1382 for all Myanmar people wishing be free from Global Epidemic, have a healthy, happy and peaceful life.

However Myanmar New Year’s Eve unfortunately begins with stupid Covid-19 disaster spreading all over the world, Let us all work together and pursue the path of equal access and opportunity for all 135 ethnic nationalities of Myanmar leading to the perfect relationship between militarily and civil government in unison.

May the aged –old civil war between the ethnic nationalities in Myanmar cease as soon as possible, and may each achieve peace.

May all avoid Lābhasakkārasiloka, overflowing with gain and honor and be fair with respect to the others.

Mall all keep away from concealing true and natural conditions due to the bias through unconscious mind.

May all achieve peace with non-aligned policy.

Ven. Dr Jotika,
Rector, University of Global Peace
and Oo Yin Pariyatti Monastery,
Mandalay, Myanmar