(18 Jan,2021)
The 10,000,000 MMK donation was made by Dr Jotika, the chief Venerable Sayadaw of Oo Yin Pariyatti Monastery, University of Global Peace and Saddhamamamaka Pariyatti Association to fund the purchase of the Covid-19 vaccine under the state program. Oo Yin and UGP Buddhist Community provided 1st time 10,000,000 MMK donation on 30.03.2020 and 2nd time 10,000,000 MMK donation on 25.09.2020 for the Disease Control.
An agreement has been reached with the Serum Institute of India of India to purchase 30 million packs of COVID-19 vaccine for 15 million people in Myanmar, and work is underway to begin payment and vaccination. The vaccine will be launched in February and will be given priority to health workers.
(2nd Time Donation Link)
(1st Time Donation Link)